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Activity Sheets

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Glass of Water

Fact File

I am 10 years old and live in Brandcastle with my parents and sister, Roxie. At the moment I am in Mr Smith's class at Brandcastle Primary School. I know lots about water because I love drinking it and know how important it is to keep me feeling great. I always have a large glass of water with my school meal and make sure I drink water regularly during the rest of the day.

My Uncle works for the local water company and he has told me so much about the benefits of water. I want to share this information with you. You can find out more about me by reading my fact file.

Personal Details
Place of Birth
Star Sign
142 centimetres

Key Facts


I am in Key Stage 2 at Primary School. I love going to school as it is great to learn things and see my friends. My favourite subject is science.


I love water sports and regularly swim at the local pool. One day I hope to be able to surf like my sister, Roxie. I also like watching and playing football.

Favourite Food

I love healthy food especially salads. My favourite salad is chicken and pasta. My sister, Roxie works in a caf and the food there is delicious and healthy.

Favourite Drink

I love water. It tastes delicious, it is really good for you and always stops me feeling thirsty.

Favourite Colour

Blue, especially the colour of the sea!

When I grow up

Id like to be really successful in sport, either swimming or football but if not Id like to be a sports coach.

Favourite Place

At the beach with my family and friends playing games.


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