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Human Body

Human Body

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Glass of Water

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Don't get thirsty

As Danny takes you round this website you will soon learn why it is so important not to get thirsty. If we are thirsty our body is telling us that we have already lost 1% of our body's water. This is really important because we do not have a tank of water in our body to top us up.

We have to have several glasses of water during the day and especially at school when we are playing with friends and learning in class. If we do not have enough water we can soon feel tired or even unwell.

When you have a yummy school lunch in Carmarthenshire water is always available. Please make sure you have at least one glass with your meal. This will help you absorb your food into your body properly and ensure you have lots of energy to enjoy the rest of the day.


Find out Why?

Find out Why?

Find out exactly why we need to drink water and why it is important to us?