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Human Body

Human Body

Come Quick! See our Brand NEW Human Body Flash Presentation!

Glass of Water

Where does it come from?

If you live or work in Carmarthenshire your drinking water will be supplied from a water treatment works taking water from the Llyn Brianne reservoir and the river Towy. Of Dwr Cymru Welsh Water's water supplies 80% comes from lakes and reservoirs and 20% from Ground water.

To make it clean enough for you to drink, the raw water travels through a series of processes designed to remove the solid particles, chemicals and micro-organisms, leaving the water ready to drink.

Welsh Water

Water is a very precious resource. To find out more about how we look after your water and how you can use it wisely, visit our websites at and


Find out Why?

Find out Why?

Find out exactly why we need to drink water and why it is important to us?