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Activity Sheets

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Glass of Water


Hi, my name is Danny and I wanted to tell you about how this website came about. It all started like this.

Mr Smith is a brilliant teacher and I love being in his class. I have learnt so much from him because he explains everything very clearly and simply. He also makes it fun to learn and we have done so many different things. This term he has already taken us to a supermarket to see how different foods are packaged and into our own school kitchen so we can see how our meals are prepared and cooked. Next term we are going to the local weather centre to see how they forecast the weather.

This week we were all getting excited because next week was half term. We all knew that during half term we would be able to go down to the beach at Brandcastle and play games on the sand. The local police station organised these games on the beach and children came from miles around to take part. There would be swimming races, football matches, Kwik Kricket games, volleyball, badminton, kite flying competitions and the chance to try new things like archery, badminton and volleyball.

Mr Smith knew how we felt about half term and had arranged for us to work on a project. The subject he had chosen was water. He split up the class into different groups and gave us each a subject about water. My best friend David was with Emma and they were looking at how water gets polluted, other groups were looking at bottled water, why it rains and why houses have water meters. I was paired with Jim. He always makes me laugh and Jim is just a fun person to be around. I knew I would enjoy myself as well as learn. We were given the subject of - water for health.

I knew nothing about this and nor did Jim. We arranged to meet up at my house that night and went on the Internet to learn more. My Mum and Dad let me use the family computer in the lounge so if I ever had any questions they could help. We soon learnt loads but decided to go down to the library the following day to see if there was more information. We stayed there for about two hours, reading books and making notes. Each of us took out a book to read in more detail.

The information was fascinating and we learnt all about dehydration and what it was. I never knew that if we don't have enough water then our body can't work properly. We can get headaches or feel unwell because we have not drunk enough water. This was such a simple thing but so important for everyone.

The next three days Jim and I worked on our project in school and at home. I phoned my Uncle Clive who works for the local water company and he gave me lots of help and places on the Internet where I could find out more. Mr Smith helped with our presentation and drew some pictures of the human body so we could show our classmates.

Friday soon came and we all had to report back to class about what we had found out. David and Emma were first to go and we were third. It was interesting to hear from the others but it still did not stop the butterflies in our tummies. We started off by asking if anyone had a headache. David put up his hand and so we gave him a glass of water. Then we told the whole class what we had learnt. At the end we asked David if he still had a headache and he answered "No". Jim said, "The water will have helped get rid of your headache".

When all the projects had finished and the end of the day bell had gone to start half term, Mr Smith called Jim and I to one side. He said, "I am very impressed by the work you have both put into this. I think there are some really important things that we need to get across to everyone in the school, including the adults. For example better quality and cleaner water will improve the health of the world and if we want our bodies to work properly then we must drink enough water each day. So what I would like you to do is work with me to create a special section on our school's website. We could call it 'I love water', what do you think?"

Jimmy and I both shouted "Wow!, Yes please Mr Smith". And the result it this website. So please have a look around, have a go at the quiz, do the activity sheets and discover what Jimmy and I learnt.

All the best, your friend,




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