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Activity Sheets

Activity Sheets

Download two activity sheets that we created for everyone in our school

Glass of Water


Read each question carefully then chose one of the answers from the three options and see how many you get right.

Quiz Question
Approximately what percentage of the earth’s surface is made up of water?
Who did Danny do his project with?
What is the chemical formula for water?
By the time you feel thirsty how much water will you have lost from your body?
How many glasses of water should you drink a day?
Which of these is not part of the water cycle?
If you feel thirsty, what does it mean?
When you have something to eat what is the healthiest drink to have with it?
Which of these things means we are dehydrated?
According to Mr Smith which of these ideas would most improve the health of the population of the world?

How many did you score? If you did not get them all right then have another go.

Good Luck,

PS Why don't you challenge an adult to see how well they do.

Danny's Story

Danny's Story

Come find out all about Danny and his story.